Q: Do you haul other materials besides construction debris?



A: Yes!  We haul landscape materials, rock and other recyclables. Call us with details and we will get you pricing.



Q: What type of material cannot be put into the drop box?



A. Any material that is hazardous is not permitted to be disposed in a drop box. No products marked caution, poisons, toxic, flammable, or combustible are permitted. Examples of these materials include: paints, pesticides, herbicides, poisons, waste motor oil, antifreeze, automotive fluids, and household chemicals.

Q: Do you have loading instructions?

A: Yes


  • Drop boxes scheduled for pick-up must be properly prepared in order for us to load and haul the box. Any improper preparation may result in additional fees and a delay in service.
  • Any damage done to the box or equipment will result in repair charges.
  • Drop box must be LEVEL loaded: Material must be within the top edge of the box.
  • Doors must be completely closed and latched.
  • Box must be accessible. Do not park vehicles or large objects in front of box. The path must be clear of all vehicles and objects to allow pick-up.
  • Any contamination will result in additional charges.

Material Restrictions: NO hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides, or flammable liquids.  NO motor oil, gasoline, or antifreeze.  NO oil drums or fuel tanks.  NO batteries, including alkaline, NiCad or automobile.  NO food waste. Food waste contamination will result in higher haul fees and disposal charges.  Additional disposal fees could accrue with any hazardous materials found in our drop boxes without our knowledge.  DEQ REGULATIONS ON ELECTRONIC WASTE ITEMS. It is illegal to dispose of e-waste (electronics) in a drop box or garbage container, per DEQ electronics ban and regulations, such as: Computers (desktop and laptop) Computer monitors, mice, TVs and other appliances.

Q: What if I'm not sure if my items contain asbestos?


A: You must obtain an asbestos survey and provide paperwork stating there is no asbestos in the materials you will be disposing of, before ordering your box. Additional disposal fees may accrue if any hazardous materials are found in our drop boxes without our knowledge.

Here is a list of labs that do testing:
Oregon: http://www.oregon.gov/deq/FilterDocs/asb-LABS.pdf
Washington: http://www.ecology.wa.gov/waste-toxics


Q: What kind of surface can you place a drop box onto?


A: Drop boxes can be placed on the street or other cement or solid surface. If you would like the box to be placed in a driveway we will need a signed waiver. Drop Boxes must be placed on a solid surface (ex: pavement or gravel). Once the compacted box is placed by your NW Dropbox driver, do not move it yourself.

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